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Trojan War
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The names of the characters and places in order of their appearance.

Thetis a beautiful nymph who was loved by all the gods
Zeus king of the gods
Peleus a mortal man
Mt. Olympus home of the gods
Eris goddess of discord
Hera queen of the gods
Athena goddess of wisdom, war, and weaving
Aphrodite goddess of love and beauty
Paris A shepherd on Mt. Ida
Mt. Ida A mountain near the city of Troy
Helen The most beautiful woman in the world
Menelaus Helen's husband and king of Sparta
Agamemnon Menelaus's brother and king of Mycenae (leader of the Greeks)
Odysseus King of Ithaca (an island) and wily
Penelope Odysseus's wite
Telemachus Odysseus's son
Achilles son of Peleus and Thetis (Myrmidons)
Nestor a wise man from sandy Pylos
Patroclus Achilles' best friend
Diomedes Odysseus's best friend
Stentor the herald
Ajax a thug
Artemis goddess of the hunt and the moon
Clytemnestra wife of Agamemnon
Iphigenia daughter of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra
Aulis city where the Greeks had camped
The face that launched a thousand ships
Priam king of Troy, had 50 sons and 50 daughters
Hector the bravest and strongest of the Trojans, son of Priam
Hecate wife of Priam
Aeneas a brave Trojan hero