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Grading Guidelines
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Grading Guidelines for 1999 - 2000

Percentages (What counts for what):

Homework counts for 30% of your grade.  That is a huge amount because homework is extremely important.  In fact, it is so important that even if you earn 100s on every test, quiz, and project but do no homework, the best grade you can get in Latin is a 70 or a C-.  Make sure that you complete your homework everyday.  This year this is especially important because there are approximately 16 classes per trimester.  Each homework counts for two points of your report card grade.

Quizzes are worth 20%.  Vocabulary quizzes will be frequent.  This is one of the most important aspects of learning any foreign language.  You have heard me say it many times -"Vocabulary, vocabulary, vocabulary."  There are many good ways to study vocabulary - perhaps the best way is flashcards.  If you study well, you won't have to repeat the ones you already know.  We will talk about other ways to study vocabulary as the year goes on.

Tests and projects will count for 20% of your grade.  Tests will assess your ability to use the skills you have learned in Latin.  Most tests will have a reading comprehension section, vocabulary, and grammar sections.  I will try to put an essay on each test.  Projects will be graded on the rubrics given to you at the time of the project.  

The exam in November will be 20% of your grade.  Exam are like extended tests, except that they are cumulative and contain aspects from all the things we have done in class.  If we don't have an exam, the project that we do that trimester will count for this 20%

The amount you participate in class will count for 10% of your grade.  This includes grades for behavior and conduct.  This is one of those grades that you start with with and you can keep it or lose it.  It is up to you.

7th Grade Expectations:  

You are expected to have your homework completed and in class on time.  You should always make an effort to learn new vocabulary when you first encounter it.  I expect you to always try your hardest at learning the new material.  This year, Latin counts on your GPA and doing poorly in Latin can keep you off the honor role.  As a result, I expect you to put in time and concentrate when you are working on your homework, and I expect you to use class time wisely (e.g., when you are given time to do homework in class, you should begin then, rather than waste time or chat with a friend.)

6th Grade Expectations: 

You are also expected to have your homework completed on time.  You should review new material every night so that you can ask good, well-thought out questions if you are having trouble.  You are expected to work on your note-taking skills and keep your notebook organized. Although notes will be posted here, you should not rely on them instead of taking your own notes.  What we do in class may not always be the same.   You are expected to master vocabulary.  You should study all of the words every time there may be a quiz.  I expect you to participate frequently in class discussions.  I also expect you to always be prepared for class (i.e. not forgetting materials in your locker) and to respect others when they are talking (including your teacher).  I expect you to learn a lot of Latin, remember lots of endings, and have fun.