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This page will have links to things I think you will think are neat.  

Here are some pictures of me from the 8th grade trip.  This one is me at work with a video camera, and here I am in the computer lab.  Not that cool, but now visitors can see who I am.

The JigZone is a whole site devoted to jigsaw puzzles.  They are online images.  You need to have Java on your computer.  Also, the faster computer you have, the better.  Some are really challenging, but some are really easy.  You can change the size and shape of the pieces and time yourself against a friend.  

This page has a whole bunch of really interesting optical illusions.  If you can't see what you are supposed to, he even gives you some helpful hints on how to see what you are supposed to.  Check out the man with the beard.  Very hard to see and very interesting.

The latest.  If you are tired of carrying disks around and not having them work?  There is a site called where you can become a member (for free) and store information on line.  I don't know for sure, but I think you can access it from school and get your data without ever touching a floppy disk. Try it.  See if you like it.

1.  If you don't have it already, you really ought to install the RealPlayer.  It allows you to listen to radio, watch movies, and listen to all kinds of audio files as they come across the internet.  It is free and it is at  Don't get the RealPlayer Plus.  It costs money.

2.  If you want to make your own cds, there is another audio thing called the liquid Player.  You pay and download only the songs that you want.  You don't have to buy the whole CD.  Then you can burn your own CD at school.  You did know we can do that, right?  Liquid Audio is at

3.  If you downloaded and installed #1, then this is where you want to go next.  This is internet radio.  You can listen to any of the CDs they have in the CD Jukebox, or you can find a radio station that broadcasts over the internet playing whatever kind of music you are interested in.  I recommend the CD Jukebox.  Look up Vertical Horizon.  They are good and two of their CDs are there.  Live Stages is the better one (in my humble opinion).  The address:

4.  All this stuff so you can listen to music, and I am leaving out the best thing.  The Ultimate Band List.  This site has links to every page on the internet having to do with a band or musician or singer.  You type their name in, and any web site having to do with them is listed according to what they discuss.  If you want to know when someone is on tour, or what the lyrics to a song are, or how many albums you have or can get, you need to go to:

5. And, of course, my favorite band.  From New Orleans, LA.

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