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Aeneid Questions
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If you would like to see the type of questions that will be on the test, look no further.  You have found them.  The questions that appear here will be very similar to the actual test questions. 

1.  Why does the theme of the Aeneid not ruin the story for us even if we know what is going to happen?

2.  Although Aeneas is not in control of his own fate, Juno still causes him all kinds of trouble.  What is her reason for doing this?

3.  Why is it Aeneas' fate to be blown off course near Carthage?

4.  What do you think is the real purpose for the invocation at the beginning of Book I?

5.  How does Latin use language, especially in the Aeneid, differently than English does?

6.  Juno asks Aeolus to cause a storm.  Why do you think she asks him to do this instead of Neptune or doing it herself?

7.  What is the importance of the simile that shows Neptune saving Aeneas' ships after the storm has passed?

8.  Why does Venus appear in disguise to Aeneas when she sees him near Carthage?

9.  Aeneas always seems to be whining about something or thinking one thing while saying another.  How does this make him different than other heroes?

10.  Do the gods act like they are gods or not?  Explain your answer.

11.  When Aeneas enters the city of Carthage, he sees a mural in which he can recognize himself.  Why is this important to him?

12.  What does the simile of the bees explain?  Be specific.

13.  Why does Venus decide to trick Juno?

14.  Dido is considered one of the most tragic figures in literature.  Does she have her own fate or is she just caught up in someone else's fate?