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How about some facts at a glance (pictures are below):

Name:   Stephen Mitchell

Age:  Old

Hairline: Receding, but not balding

Eye Color: Hazel

Hair Color:  Dark Brown with some Gray

Height: 5'8"

Weight:  Society places too much emphasis on weight, so I refuse to answer (and I don't know)

Born in:  New Orleans, LA

College:  Tulane

Majors: Latin and History

Favorite Domesticated Animal:  Dog

Favorite Wild Animal:  Cheetah (not Chester either although I do like cheetos)

Favorite Junk Food:  Fritos Brand Corn Chips

Favorite TV Show:  ER

Coke or Pepsi:  Coke

Favorite Book:  A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole

Zodiacal Sign:  Leo

Married or Single:  Single

Favorite Music:  80s (but I hate My Sharona) and modern rock

Best Website:

I like working on and playing on computers..

Anything else you want to know?  Ask me or e-mail me.  I will put the answer here so everyone will know.

Me at work at my old school                              Me with a video camera