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Art and the Trojan War
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You are gonna like this   

This is going to be a link to all the art I have found on the internet relating to the Trojan War.  You will like it, I think. It will be neat.

This is an attempt to catalog and itemize the images of the Trojan War over the last three millennia.  Of course, as this list is by no means complete, it may provide some starting points for further art and art history on the Internet. 

The sources for these images are:
MM = Mythmedia from the U. of Haifa

FR = Forum Romanum

Perseus =

Boijmans = The Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam (

Au = An Australian University ( not sure of the exact name)

I.                   The Causes of the War

A.      The Wedding of Peleus and Thetis

1.        Black Figure vase painting (Perseus)

2.        Red Figure vase painting (Perseus)

3.        Black Figure on a krater (Perseus)

4.        Mount Olympus photo (FR)

B.       Eris and  the Golden Apple

1.        painting (FR)

2.        black figure vase painting (Perseus)

3.        well, I don’t know what to say about this, but this is a statue someone made.  I really don’t know what to say.  It is modern as it gets, and you can order your very own copy if you want (But hurry, there are only 10) (

C.       The Judgment of Paris

1.        Painting (FR)

2.        Mosaic (FR)

3.        Black Figure vase painting (Perseus)

4.        Red Figure vase painting (Perseus)

5.        Painting by Lucas Cranach in 1508 (MM)

6.        Image from a comb (MM)

7.        Black Figure vase painting (MM)

8.        Red Figure vase painting (MM)

9.        Juste Francois Boucher’s the Judgment of Paris, 1754 (Au)

10.     The Judgment of Paris by Peter Paul Rubens in 1637  (MM)

11.     Red Figure vase painting (MM)

D.      The abduction of Helen

1.        MythMedia covers this well (MM

2.        A red figure vase painting from about 450 BC (MM)

3.        A painting from c. 1450 (MM)

4.        Frans Francken’s  L’enlevement D’Helen, 1625 (MM)

5.        Marteen Van Heemskeerk’s L’enlevement d’Helene, 1536 (MM)

6.        Jacques-Louis David’s Paris and Helen, 1788 (MM)

7.        Dante Rosetti’s Helen of Troy, 1863 (MM)

8.        Guido Reni’s Abduction of Helen, 1629 (MM)

9.        Gustave Moreau’s Helen Under the Walls of Troy, 1885 (MM)

10.     Red Figure vase painting (Perseus)

11.     A picture of Helen (FR) 

II.                The Gathering of the Hosts

A.      Agamemnon and Menelaus

1.        The “Mask of Agamemnon” (FR)

B.       Odysseus

1.        A vase painting of Odysseus (FR)

C.       Achilles

1.        A series of 8 paintings about Achilles by Peter Paul Rubens in 1630-32 (Boijmans)

2.        A black figure vase painting (FR)

D.      Iphigenia at Aulis

1.        Red Figure vase painting (Perseus)

2.        A fresco (FR)

III.             The War

A.      The quarrel of Agamemnon and Achilles

1.        A fresco of Achilles and Briseis (FR)

2.        A red figure vase painting from 480 (MM)

3.        A fresco showing Briseis taken from Achilles from the 1st century AD (MM)

4.        John Flaxman’s The Departure of Briseis from the Tent of Achilles, 1755-1826 (MM)

B.       The Death of Patroclus

C.       The Death of Hector

1.        A painting of Hector (FR)

2.        A vase painting from 490 BC that shows Priam begging for Hector’s body (MM)

3.        A painting from a cup showing the ransom of Hector’s body, 1st century AD (MM)

4.        Peter Paul Rubens Achilles Vanquishes Hector, 1632  (MM)

5.        J Van Leefdael’s Achilles Vanquishing Hecktor, 17th century (MM)

6.        Oskar Kokoshka’s sketch -  Achilles dragging the body of Hector, 1806 (MM)

D.      The Death of Achilles

1.        A painting (Rubens?) (FR)

E.       The Trojan Horse

1.        A statue of Laocoon (FR)

2.        The earliest jar with the Trojan Horse, 7th century BC (MM)

3.        An illuminated manuscript, medieval (MM)

4.        Raoul Lefevre’s Trojan Horse, 1464 (MM)

5.        Giuseppe Acrimboldo’s Trojan Horse, 16th century (MM)

6.        The Horse Entering the Town of Troy,  (MM)

7.        Giovanni Domenici Tiepolo’s Building of the Trojan Horse (MM)

8.        Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo’s Procession of the Trojan Horse into the City (MM)

9.        The Burning of the City by Jan Brueghel, 1671 (MM)

10.     A Reconstruction (FR)

IV.              After the War

A.      Agamemnon

1.        Painting of Clytemnestra and Agamemnon (FR)

2.        A painting of their son, Orestes and the Furies (FR)

3.        Clytemnestra killing Cassandra, 430 BC (MM)

B.       Menelaus

C.       Odysseus

1.        Polyphemus black figure vase painting (FR)

2.        Odysseus hiding under the sheep (FR)

3.        The Sirens (FR)

4.        The sirens luring Odysseus (FR)

5.        Odysseus and Calypso by Arnold Bocklin, 1883 (Au)

D.      Aeneas

1.        Painting of Aeneas fleeing from Troy with his father on his shoulder (FR)

2.        another painting of Aeneas and his father (Sistine Chapel?) (FR)

3.        black figure vase painting (FR)

4.        Aeneas and Dido – an illumination (FR)

5.        Aeneas and Ascanius Leaving Troy by Bernini (MM)

6.        Black figure vase painting of Aeneas carrying his father, 510 BC  (MM)


I don’t know what good this will do, but here is an image of Aphrodite with Anchises, Aeneas’ father from a room in Italy designed by Ludovico Carracci around 1597.