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2nd Declension
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The 2nd Declension

A declension is a group of nouns with a similar pattern of endings.  The first declension nouns generally end in -a and are feminine.  The second declension nouns generally end in -us.  

The function of a noun in the second declension is the same as in the first; however, a different set of endings is used (i.e., a nominative is still the subject, accusative is still D.O.).  A major issue is that nouns cannot change gender.  If a noun is first declension, it has to remain first declension.  If it is second, it must remain second.  

The endings for the second declension are:

  singular plural
Nominative -us -i
Accusative -um -os

To decline a noun, you must remove the -us and add the endings.  Here is a what carrus, carri, m. = cart looks like when it is declined.  

  singular plural
Nominative carrus carri
Accusative carrum carros

That's all there is to it.

NOTA BENE:  Declension does not equal gender.